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Gran Turismo 4



Great graphics, poor game...

Just bought GT4 for my 6 year old son to play on my old PS2, and was amazed at the great graphics but very much disappointed with the gameplay. I drive for real on a daily basis my Nissan Skyline R33 GTR so set this car up for my son to have a go on it. It was appalling. The under steering off the track the brakes make the front end of the car dive or just plain lock up, not like the real thing at all.

Is there something missing I should have set up on the game? Also you can't even change the camera angle for driving, I hope there is something that can be done otherwise I can not understand what all the fuss is about!

Score: 1                                 Reviewed by: Matt

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LMA Manager 2003


Great game, despite its age...

This is the best game on any console I have ever played!

The LMA series started to go downhill after this, so this is still the one I play today, with Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney as average rated youngsters.

The graphics and sound etc. are not that great, but it's
by far the best game to play, and superb value for money
at just 99p from Game in the Harlequin!

Score: 10                                 Reviewed by: Carl


Power Rangers Dino Thunder


Great for the kiddies...

This is my first Power Rangers game and it's brilliant. Three students powered by dino gems are turned into Dino Thunder Power Rangers, and they must stop the evil Mesogog from sending the world back to the age of the dinosaurs. You help to kill the baddies by using DinoZords, which are part dinosaur - part machine.

There are around 50 missions across 9 different fun to explore worlds, and there are also mini games to play. I'm only 7, and I think this game is great. If you're a bit older though, you may not enjoy it as much as me.

Score: 8                                 Reviewed by: Shrek Jr