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Gran Turismo 4 (PS2)


This authentic driving game offers you the maximum realism you want in a game, with very realistic graphics and gameplay.

Gameplay: 92%
The whole idea of the game is this: You start off with 10,000 pounds, you find a car, maybe its new, maybe itís used (starting off with a used car is probably better as it is cheaper). Then you take licenses; there are 5 licenses to choose from: the B license, which is the first one to start off with, and is the easiest to do as is teaches you the basics in GT4 such as cornering and braking.

Next is the A license which, with advanced cornering, is a little harder, followed by International B and International A which just get harder and harder. Then you finally get to the S (super) license, and what you have to do here is just get lap times on different courses, but you canít just get any lap time, you have to get excellent ones. This will challenge you to the limit, and when you complete the super license you can compete in every single race.

There are plenty of different courses to race on including real-life racetracks, city courses from places such as Hong Kong, Seoul, and NY, plus rally courses on dirt, snow and ice. One of the new track additions is the NŁrburgring, which at nearly 13 miles long is pretty imposing in its own right. (see forum thread for record times). Overall the driving is excellent, and practically real, while controlling your car is good, whether using the Dual Shock controller or a racing wheel.


Graphics: 96%
The first thing you notice in this game are the graphics, which are incredible. The scenery looks real, and all the buildings, the trees and the gravel and tarmac are so detailed that GT4 also offers you the ultimate graphics package as well as great gameplay.


Sound: 82%
As usual thereís not too much to say about the sound as the musical soundtrack is not brilliant, although it is fairly relaxing, but the engine revs and tyre screeching sounds are realistic and pretty good.


Value: 95%
GT4 seems never ending, and itís not easy at all to complete the game so that will be your target. Also given that GT4 features around 700 cars from over 70 manufacturers, while there are over 50 races to participate in, which will keep you going for a while!


This is possibly best driving game on the PS2. With the huge variety of cars, courses, and race types, plus being one of the best-looking PS2 games ever, this authentic game offers you a realistic racing journey.

Overall Score: 91%