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Lego Star
Wars II


Great for young Star Wars fans...

Lego Star Wars 2 is an action adventure game where you control a group of Star Wars characters as they blast their way through enemies, do some puzzle solving and a bit of platform jumping, while following the Star Wars storyline.

You will fight with lightsabers as well as other weapons, ride speeder bikes and other vehicles, while working your way through the stories from the films, unlocking new characters, discovering secrets, all as Lego versions. The music and graphics are great too.

This is a game for kids rather than adults, but if you're
young and you like Star Wars you should love it. I think
it's excellent.

Score: 9                                 Reviewed by: Shrek Jr


Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories


Sex, drugs, violence. Less rock 'n roll...

If you like the previous console versions of GTA, but you haven't yet got hold of GTA IV, then you should enjoy this PSP remake. If GTA is new to you, then in this game you play an organised crime mobster called Toni Cipriani who had to leave Liberty City (NY) after a controversial killing. Now youíre back in the city where mafia gangs, thugs, hookers, heistís and killings are common place in a varied set of missions. These involve the usual story of stealing and crashing cars, killing rivals, and generally causing havoc in Liberty City. Some of the missions are harder than others, but overall theyíre good fun. The game is easy to pick up and play, and the radio stations you listen to while driving around are entertaining.

Itís an 18 certificate, so that gives you a clue as to the
level of language and violence in the game, but all in all
itís a fun game.

Score: 7                                 Reviewed by: Mr Cambo


Football Manager '07 (handheld)

Full review (PC)



FM 'a bit too lite'...

You may love FM on your PC, but unfortunately it's not really the same on the PSP.

As always, you control a team and try to take it to success. You can still buy and sell players, and control team tactics etc, but if you're used to the full PC version it does seem a bit like 'FM Lite'. This is partly because the lack of mouse control and depth of information means to can't do everything you're used to doing in the PC version, and this can be frustrating.

On the other hand, if you don't have enough time to play it at home but have plenty of time to kill while travelling on trains and planes etc, it may be perfect for you.

Score: 6                                 Reviewed by: Rush346