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Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
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F1 2009





Are you fit enough...

Having seen the reviews for this game I felt we had to buy it.

You can choose from any of the F1 drivers and either complete a full season (with race distances varying from a 3 lap sprint to full race distance with pit stops) or a one-off race at any of the F1 venues. At first the game is difficult and I was on the verge of selling it. However, a quick review of the options revealed that there is a simple option whereby you simply press the accelerator and steer, with no need for the braking that led us to finish last in our first 10 races.

Each circuit is an exact version of the real tracks and the run offs and gravel traps can be a pain. We therefore tend to race at Monaco as the crash barriers keep you on the track. There are options such as qualifying and damage control (if you crash your car will lose wheels, nose cones etc.) but so far we've kept it on the easiest option and have finally conquered Monaco and Hungary and have achieved a podium finish at Silverstone.

It is a very good game and very tiring too. The turns are tight so you need a two hour workout in the gym beforehand to prepare you. Oh, and get the official wheel because you'll look the part too.

Score: 8                                Reviewed by:  Sam & Dom


Wii Play



Great fun for kids...

Wii Play is a set of mini games that come as a bundle with a controller, and the games are designed to help you learn how to use the controller.

You've got games like billiards, Laser Hockey, and a fishing one. My favourites though are the Tank one where you use shells and mines to destroy enemy tanks. The shooting range game is also fun, as is the Cow one where you ride it and have to knock down scarecrows.

They're not all great though, and the table tennis one is a bit too hard for me. Older kids and adults will probably find the mini games only fun for a short time, but it's great fun for youngsters (under 10's) like me.

Score: 7                                Reviewed by:  Shrek Jr


Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam



Skateboarding, and punching!...

Although this game is rated a 12 (because of some bad language in the excellent thrash metal soundtrack) it is a lot easier to play than the other 12+ game I tried, Pirates Of The Caribbean.

In Downhill Jam you assume the role of ace skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and either compete in races against other skaters or solo in timed slalom events. The races vary from short sprints to longer 3 minute races through the streets of various worldwide cities. There are numerous training pages which show you how to perform all the skating tricks (ollies, fakies, madonnas (?), rail slides and grinds, and you score more points for executing the harder tricks. Each race is timed and if you finish in the top 3 you get a medal and points. The more points you accumulate the more extra scenes you unlock.

You also get the chance to kick and punch your rivals and innocent bystanders! It is an easy game to master and we all found it addictive, even The Curly One who kept crashing into cars and trams. I have asked Father Christmas for this game and hope he delivers!

Score: 9                                Reviewed by:  Sam the Man


Tiger Woods
PGA Tour 07


Think seriously before forking out 40...

Unlike the Wii Sports (below), you take on the guise of a proper golfer for this game, anyone from Tiger himself to Annika Sorenstram, or create your own player in snazzy shorts and day-glo shirt. There is too much practice involved before you get to the actual game and Sam and I found it tedious.

The game itself is OK, you can select from 18 top courses and choose the level of difficulty. My first try was on 'easy' at St andrews and I shot 63. My next attempt at Pebble Beach ended with the machine turned off in frustration. God knows what 'difficult' is like! The club selection mode is good and accurate but the putting is rubbish. If you're left with a 50 foot putt there is not enough power to reach the hole no matter how hard you swing. We rented this game for 2.60 with a view to buying the 2008 version but will think seriously before forking out 40.

Score: 6          Reviewed by: Leeds + Proud / Sam the Man


Wii Sports


How fit are you...

Wii Sports is a great compendium of 5 different games; tennis, golf, boxing, baseball and bowling. As with other compendium sets of games they can be a little over simplified, but that doesn't stop them from being great fun, especially when playing multiplayer with family and friends.
If you are a more serious gamer then the cartoony graphics or limited scope of the games may not suit you, but for a bit of fun you can't ask for more really. Oh, and if you want to see how unfit you are, plug the nunchuk in and play the boxing game (Mum is the champ in our house!)

Score: 8                                Reviewed by:  Shrek Jr

A very addictive game...

An excellent game that comes with most consoles. The boxing is far too energetic for me but Sam The Man loves
it. My favourites are the bowling (top score 246) and golf. The more you play he higher your Wii character is ranked
and the aim is to reach the professional standard. It's a
very addictive game. Very good for a starter and easy to understand and play.

Score: 9                           Reviewed by: Leeds + Proud


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