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Ride your music...

Have you ever ridden your favourite songs down a racetrack? Audiosurf is a music based puzzle game that turns a song into a racetrack and puts you in the driving seat of spaceship-like craft. You then ride it down a colourful multi-lane highway, collecting clusters of coloured blocks to build up your score. What is excellent is that the racetrack matches the tempo of the song, so quieter bits lead you up hill but when it speeds up so does the track as you go flying downhill.

You need the "Steam" online gaming service to get the game, but it costs less than £10 and the Steam system records every score for every song raced - worldwide! All the songs in your music collection (on your PC) can be used, and so you can compete for the top score on your favourite track. If you like James Blunt then this game may not be for you, but Blurís Song 2 will certainly test your driving skills! Audiosurf is great fun, addictive, and a great new way to listen to music.

Score: 8                                 Reviewed by: Rush346


Assassins Creed





A bit repetitive...

Assassin's Creed is a stealth game in which you take the role of AltaÔr ibn La-Ahad, a member of The Assassin Brotherhood during the third crusade. AltaÔr's objective in the game is to assassinate nine historical figures involved in the Crusades in the year 1191.

The graphics in the game are superb if you have a powerful PC as the detail of the places you visit is superb, however the gameplay lets the game down a bit as the missions become repetitive at times.

The storyline and graphics are great though, and so itís a good game although it could have been better with a bit more variety in the missions.

Score: 6                                 Reviewed by: Mr C


World in Conflict


It could have been a great game...

Oh how this game sounded great. A tactical strategy come action game, and not based on WWII or the 23rd century, but fairly present day. Unfortunately I'm really disappointed. I'll give 10/10 for the graphics, they really are superb. You will however, need a fairly beefy machine to see the best the graphics have to offer. The sound is fine, 8/10. The gameplay, aahh.

The problem I have is that each mission, and each scenario within each mission, is too rigidly defined. Go here, attack this, defend that... it's too micro managed. My preference would be for big detailed maps (which they have), your set of units, with ways of getting reinforcements (which they have), and one big overall objective, e.g. take that town over there. Unfortunately, while the end game may be to take a town, instead of deciding how you're going to go about it yourself, it's too scripted. This is too detailed, and doesn't allow you to use your own brain to reach an overall objective. Shame really.

Score: 4                                 Reviewed by: Rush346


Ghost Recon

Full review (PS2)


It's a classic amongst few classics...

Forget GRAW, this is the best Ghost Recon game made. It may be a few years old now, so the graphics are nothing special, but the gameplay is great. Also once you have completed the single player missions you can go online, and that's where the game really shines. When you see some online shooters all you see are headless chickens running around, but GR is more of a tactical shooter, and so you need teamwork to win.

Why the maximum score of 10? It's because I still play it occasionally, even though it's years old, and for me it's a classic amongst few classics.

Score: 10                               Reviewed by: mr cambo


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