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Ghost Recon (PS2)


Ghost Recon is a tactical team based shooter that includes both stealth and action. It is set in 2008 and involves a storyline that takes you from Eastern Europe through Russia, and ending up in Red Square in Moscow. You control two teams of three Special Forces soldiers which you use to attack the opposition, and capture and hold buildings and military bases.

Gameplay: 90%
In the game there are fifteen missions, and you begin by viewing the mission briefing which explains your objectives for the specific mission, while you are also presented with a map that highlights the location of each objective. The missions are not always straight forward as there will be dozens of enemy soldiers spread out all over the maps, out in the countryside as well as in urban bases and buildings.

You then pick your squad to complete the mission. These can be either Riflemen, Snipers, Demolitions experts and Support soldiers. Each type of soldier has different types of capabilities and weapons; Riflemen are the basic soldier to use and they have all round skills; Snipers use their weapon to zoom in enjoy the freedom of picking out which opposition soldier to take out. Demolitions soldiers blow up planes, bases and tanks with rocket launchers, demo charges, claymores and grenades, while Support soldiers    are better suited to close combat action.

Once you enter the action the game is great fun to play, and different to most shooters because of the tactical side to it. Just running around wilding shooting at everything and everyone won’t get you far in this game.

Graphics: 86%
The soldiers are very detailed; the faces are top notch, as are their weapons and uniforms. The maps can be very large and detailed in places such as buildings; however the detail on some of the outdoor non-urban maps could be better.

Sound: 87%
The sound is better than your average game. The weapon sounds are good when firing and changing magazines… large scale battles can be very noisy! Even the voices heard during the mission briefing section are good.

Value: 89%
The fifteen missions take a while to complete, plus there are additional multiplayer maps that can be tried. Once you have finished the story based missions you can then play the maps again on ‘firefight’ and ‘recon’ mode which add a lot of extra value to the game. In firefight mode, you have to kill thirty randomly placed enemies, while in recon mode you must creep from one spot on the map to another without anyone being killed.

I feel this is one of the greatest shooters ever due to its excellent long lasting gameplay, its strong sound effects and because of the tactics involved in every mission.

Overall Score: 88%