FIFA 06 (PS2)


The FIFA series began in 1994, and has been updated pretty much every year since for all the various consoles. This version for the PS2 without doubt tops FIFA 05 hands down.

Gameplay: 90%
Playing the game is great fun, and as is usual with these games, there are different modes you can play, including ‘practice’ mode and ‘tournament’ mode, but the best new feature is ‘manager’ mode.

FIFA 06 offers a very realistic journey through this epic manager mode, where you can manage your team to the limit. This includes scouting for youngsters which is a new feature to the game, and is very good, especially when searching for youngsters. Staff management is very detailed which is great as it’s the first time FIFA have included it in the game. As overall manager of a club, you have various coaches and staff, e.g. defensive coach, attacking coach, stadium manager and transfer negotiator. Once you find a potential signing, it’s down to you to sign him before another team does, and you have to arrange the contract.

With your staff and coaches helping you build your club, its then down to you to play the matches and get your team to the top of the league. When playing in manager mode, your board will give you objectives such as getting promotion, avoiding relegation or qualifying for Europe.


Playing the matches is great fun as it’s very realistic. Crossing the ball is one area that has improved a lot, as you can vary the type of cross you make much more than in previous FIFA games. Passing the ball has also improved, while you can rely on your keepers to do a much better job than previously.


Graphics: 94%
The graphics are incredible as the detail in the player faces is superb, while the stadiums and pitches are also very realistic, e.g. Highbury and Anfield etc really look like the real stadiums. The crowds as usual are not as good as they could be, but are better than in other football games. Overall the games are much more enjoyable as the match graphics are excellent.

Sound: 89%
The commentary in the matches is very good because there is a lot less repetition in FIFA 06 than in previous games. The match commentators are Clive Tyldesely and Andy Gray, and they are much better than the last game with Ally McCoist. The background music played in between matches (while you are managing the club), has a good mixture of different types of music and I think the choice is excellent.

Value: 95%
With about 10,000 players and 26 leagues to play with, as well as the different modes, the lifespan of this game will be huge. The game is also licensed by the major leagues which allow it to use the real club, stadium and player names. In addition, the ability to edit every part of the game from the look of the player to the club they play for means that you can make real life transfers in this game, e.g. Michael Owen to Newcastle.

This game is superb as you get to manage your club as well as play the matches. The graphics are very good, while the ability to edit bits means that the game will keep you occupied for a long time.

Overall Score: 92%