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Ghost Recon (PS2)



Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (PS3)


This popular Tom Clancy’s shooter has continued to improve ever since the original Ghost Recon game about five years ago. The series continued with GRAW, and now this sequel carries on where the others left off, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Gameplay: 95%
The game play is obviously the main point in a shooting game and this game does not disappoint in this category.

In the single player campaign you play US Army Captain Scott Mitchell who is in the “Ghosts” – a Special Forces unit. The plot continues a storyline that began in the first GRAW title, but you don’t need to know it to enjoy this game. A civil war has started in Mexico, and for various reasons the U.S. has entered the conflict. You take on various different missions, some where you are by yourself with several objectives to complete, or at times you are given three soldiers equipped to help you in different situations.

You also get to use other equipment e.g. drone’s, which are like a mini helicopter that searches for targets around the map to make job that slight bit easier for you. The AI is pretty good, and your team mates will follow you around, carry out orders, and attack the enemy, but you will still have to do most of the hard work yourself.

While it’s great fun, the single player campaign is a bit on the short side, however the best part about this game is the multiplayer (both on and offline).

‘Firefight’ is generally the main multiplayer offline mode in most co-op games, but there are many others in this game ranging from ‘helicopter hunt’, where you just blow up a certain number of helicopters in the given time limit, co-op ‘exfiltration’ where you have to escort a hostage, either with you or in enemy hands. There are also team objectives where you have to get a piece of intelligence information back to your base, while there is also ‘reconnaissance’ where you go through enemy bases looking for information, but that one isn't that enjoyable.

There is a huge arsenal to choose from with loads of different weapons depending on whether you are a rifleman, a grenadier, an auto-rifleman (heavy gun) or a marksman. The game is also easy to control which adds to the high score.

Graphics: 84%
The graphics are good, although you probably need a top quality TV to get the best out of them. The character graphics are very good but I think that could have done a little better with some of the scenery.

Sound: 90%
Very few games get a decent sound score from us, but this game has worked quite hard on the less important parts. The background music is thrilling, whilst in combat the sound of gunshots is different for almost every weapon.

Online: Yes
There is an online multiplayer mode, but Ghost Recon games have always been more about stealth than running round like headless chickens. Unfortunately when you’re online there are too many decapitated chickens!

Value: 96%
With very good offline multiplayer modes this game is perfect when you play with friends. There is loads to do and plenty to accomplish, and if you like this type of game it will last you a long time.

This PS3 shooter is great fun, and is especially enjoyable when you play offline multiplayer with friends. It’s definitely worth the money I paid for it, and if the graphics had been a little better the overall score could have been even higher.

Overall Score: 91%