Need for Speed ProSpeed (PS3)




Need for Speed - Most Wanted (PS2)


This racing game is brilliant and easily better than any of the other Need for
Speed games. The actual racing hasn't changed too much, but the
ever-present police make this game a lot more exciting.

Gameplay: 89%
The game is amazing and a great driving experience. The actual driving itself is very realistic and the car
seems to drive very smoothly. The actual point of the game is to become the most wanted, as one by one you eliminate the ‘blacklist’ racers who are the fifteen street racers most wanted by the Police. Working your way up the Blacklist is not easy, as before you can challenge the next Blacklist racer you have to complete a set of tasks such as winning a certain number of races, reaching a set number of targets, and evading the Police.

The game also has a Challenge Mode that gives you a car and a specific goal, and is designed to test your driving and pursuit skills, while there is also a Quick Race mode where you just enter one off races.


Graphics: 92%
These graphics are amazing with so much detail in the city scenery and the roads, and when you crash into objects the damage looks realistic. The sense of driving at speed is also very good. You can also customize your cars which is fun.


Sound: 88%
The sound is very good as well, due to the gameplay music and the car noises. The engine noises are especially good and change depending on which car you are in and which upgrades you have.

Value: 89%
The game has a great lifespan from the long and hard story mode through to the challenge mode. The quick race mode where you can race anywhere with any car also adds to the fun, while you can also create a garage with any of the cars you have unlocked (and customize them with various visual and performance upgrades parts).

This game is easily the best driving and racing experience around at the moment as trying to outrun the Police is great fun.

Overall Score: 90%