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FIFA 2006 vs Pro Evo 5

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In this ‘head to head’ we are comparing two hugely anticipated releases from 2005. Both games are superb, but which has the edge?

Gameplay: FIFA - 90%, ProEvo – 98%

Both games have similar modes that you can go through, from training and individual matches, through to the cup modes, but the key mode for each is the Manager mode (FIFA) and Master League mode (Pro Evo).  In both of these you take control of your team and try to take them to the top of the national league, and into continental competitions like the Champions league.  The only difference between the two games here is that when playing as an international team, FIFA doesn't allow you to play the World Cup whereas Pro Evo does.

Playing the matches in both games is great fun, and they have both improved on some of the areas that they needed to (compared with the previous FIFA and Pro Evo games) such as crossing.  Passing and shooting has always been good in both games, but they seem to have improved on them further, while the goalkeepers have also got better.

When you are managing your team in between matches, FIFA is a little more detailed because of a better transfer market.  In FIFA it is harder to buy players that are not transfer listed, and it is also more difficult if moving to your club means moving a long way, e.g. from Brazil to England.  In Pro Evo the whole transfer system is less detailed, plus there is no transfer list, so you have to find players yourself.  I think that the FIFA transfer system is better as it is easier to buy the players that are transfer listed by their clubs.

For overall gameplay though, Pro Evo wins because the matches are a bit more realistic.

Graphics: FIFA - 94%, ProEvo – 90%

The graphics in both games are good. There is little different between the actual match graphics, with player movement and passing very good, while the player faces are also excellent.  As always, the crowds could be better, but since they are not the most important part it's not a real problem.  The main difference between the two games is that the stadiums in the FIFA game are identical to the real thing because of the licence (see Value) e.g. Highbury looks exactly like the real stadium.  In Pro Evo, some of the stadiums are just made up football grounds, and so FIFA sneaks ahead in this area.

Sound: FIFA - 89%, ProEvo – 79%

FIFA wins hands down when it comes to the sound. The match commentary is just so much better because of the variety and detail of the things the commentators say.  In Pro Evo 5, the commentary is too simplified and the comments repeated far too often, although the background music that plays in between the games while you are managing your club is good.

Value: FIFA - 95%, ProEvo – 92%

Both games will give you hours of fun, as the Manager mode (FIFA) and Master League mode (Pro Evo) means that the lifespan of both games is huge.  The main difference that may change your view over time is that FIFA have the licence for every team, so the team, player and stadium names are real, whereas in Pro Evo they are made up (apart from a few exceptions).  With FIFA you can also manage clubs from the lower divisions, so if you want to try managing and playing as Southend you can, whereas with Pro Evo you are limited to the Premier League.


Both games are great, and you would have a lot of fun playing either.  For the actual matches Pro Evo 5 is slightly ahead of FIFA because the matches are a bit more realistic.  Where FIFA comes out on top is the off field bits such as the transfer market, and the real club and player names.  Overall, although Pro Evo wins on match gameplay, FIFA comes out top as the more detailed Manager mode makes the total game experience (on and off pitch) just that little bit better.

Overall Score:    FIFA 06 - 92%    Pro Evo 5 - 90%

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