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Third place in the league, our best season ever, and but for a couple of poor referees it would have been second.  On their day the boys were capable of beating any team in the table, but the occasional inconsistency meant they lost a few games to teams you would not expect to be beaten by!  Overall a great season where the team have again shown tremendous team spirit.  Defensively, arguably the best in the division, and with a hard working midfield and a quick forward line up, they have also become a formidable strike force.

Carl “Laid Back” Biggs  Midfielder/Forward/Goalkeeper.  Versatile and quick player who can play in various positions, and on the left or right, but perhaps forgets which position he is in sometimes!  He likes nothing better than to poach a goal and has improved a lot this season, actually scoring with his left foot and head.  Real team player and did a great job without complaint when asked to stand in as goalkeeper (19/109 Apps, 7/35 goals, 6 assists, 2c/s)

Jamie “Sunshine” Heaffey  Centre Back/forward – Vice Captain.  Strength and speed have made him difficult to beat at the back, but he proved a revelation when tried up front and the end of the season, scoring 8 goals in 5 games. His pace devastated Croxley in his 1st game up front as he knocked in 4 in 25 minutes! His cheery disposition makes him a ray of sunshine when things don’t go well!! (25/125 Apps, 11/15 goals, 7 assists, 10 c/s)

Luke “Where is he this week?” Jeffery  All positions.  A quick and versatile player with a lot of potential. Has not had the chance to shine as much this season but had a memorable game against Berkhamsted. (6/73 Apps, 1/8 goals, 3 c/s)

Charlie “Remember that goal against Rangers” Rainsford  Left Mid.  Long serving squad player who just missed out on 100 apps due to injuries this season. Motivational player who works hard and has a good awareness of what needs to be done. One of the old wives of training though! (12/95 Apps, 1/9 goals)

Elliott “Versatility” Jay  Defender/Forward.  Has come on leaps and bounds this season.  Strong and quick and can play in most positions. Always has a great attitude and gives 100%, setting a great example. A bit loud at times though! (18/93 Apps, 1/2 goal, 4 assists, 7c/s)

Joe “Diver (but wrong end!)” Murtagh  Right Back.  Continues to be difficult to shut up!  Reliable and hard working, and difficult to beat when he’s got the bit between his teeth but perhaps needs a little more red meat in his diet!  (19/109 Apps, 0/3 goals, 1 assist, 10 c/s)

Matthew “Do I have to track back?” Peckham  Right Midfield.  A great distributor and has scored a few goals this season as his confidence has grown, and has the potential for a lot more.  Very skilful and unselfish player who provides excellent service for the forwards and whose link up play on the right can be a joy to watch. When he’s up for it can turn a game and another one who’s difficult to shut up, goal celebrations are legendary! (24/102 Apps, 8/14 goals, 7 assists)

Tom “I never take it personally” Weaver  Centre Midfield.  Another player who continues to show improvement in attitude and value to the team.  Always very skilful on the ball and when he releases the ball early can be very incisive.  Only occasionally now gives up the chase when he loses the ball but becoming a real motivational influence and showing real potential.  (22/86 Apps, 3/16 goals, 5 assists)

Stuart “Have It!” Cole  Left Back.  Very dependable and rarely beaten down the left, and the team really miss him when he is not available. He likes to push forward and occasional appearances in midfield have shown his versatility.  Good distribution and attitude and a real team player. (21/80 Apps, 1/7 goals, 12 c/s)

Jack “The gentle giant” Siberry  Midfield/Forward.  Continues to be one of the most enthusiastic team members and never complains. Gives 100% every time and is unselfish on the pitch, setting a great example. (8/64 Apps, 1/7 goals, 2 assists)

Charlie “it’s just a game” Craigen  Centre Back.  City West is built from the back and Charlie is fundamental to this. Unfortunately for West he suffered a bit from injury early on in the season, but made a very welcome return to full fitness mid-season.  Tenacious, never say die attitude, and superb work rate make him a real asset. Still awesome on the chase back and in the sliding tackle thwarting many of what the opponents think is a certain goal.  Always keen to push forward, but more disciplined this season which has contributed to really strong defensive performance. Definitely the oldest wife though! (20/74 Apps, 2/7 goals, 12 c/s) 

George “I love Luton Town” Figg  Central Midfield – Captain.  Excellent ball winner and playmaker. Great distributor and excellent with a dead ball, which has meant the most assists again this season by a long way.  Always to be relied on to be in the thick of the action, and as captain has done a great job organising and motivating the team.  Great example to the team (20/102 Apps, 5/11 goals, 15 assists)

Myles “What a goal celebration” Smith  Defender.  Left or right makes no odds to him.  Never complains and always gets stuck in.  Scored for the first time this season and was it worth waiting for, a spectacular lob over the keeper from just inside the half way line.   (17/64 Apps, 1/1 goals, 9 c/s)

Scott “He’s not my Dad!” Howlett  Forward.  Really benefited from the much improved service from the hardworking midfield this season, scoring a record 22 goals in just 18 league games.  Loves to chase down a great through ball and his pace has caused opposition defences problems all season. Despite his father (team coach), he is well liked by his team mates, and is an integral part of the teams success this season.  (23/124 Apps, 22/49 goals, 5 assists)

Ryan “Fog Horn” Maher  Central Defence.  First season with West and what a performance.  100% reliable and always there to sweep up at the heart of the defence.  Really difficult to beat with excellent on the ball skills. West have arguably the best defence in the division and Ryan is a major influence in this, a real asset to the team. (23/112 Apps, 18 c/s)

Ryan “When can I come back on?” Rickard  Left Midfield.  Always encouraging and an excellent example to the team with a great attitude and work ethic, he never gives up.  Always skilful on the ball and a great ball winner but it is incisive through balls that have been invaluable this season, starting many a dangerous attack.  (20/66 Apps, 2/14 goals, 7 assists)

Martin “Smiler” Robinson  Goalkeeper.  Joined the club this season and has settled in well. Has really improved and has made some great reactive saves. As his experience and confidence grow he is reading the game better and is quicker off his line.  Nothing worries this boy and you have to wonder if he ever stops smiling! (20 Apps, 15 c/s)

Ross “Do your laces up” Whinnett  Forward.  Joined West this season but unfortunately has suffered from a lot of injuries, which is a real shame as his stats suggest a real asset on the pitch.  An unselfish player, and a great reader of the game, he is happy to set up a team mate but always ready to snap off a shot given the opportunity.  Handy in goal as well!  He will hopefully return to full fitness next season. (11 Apps, 6/6 goals, 7 assists, 1 c/s)

Chris “Never say die” Welch  Central Midfield.  Another new member this season, and he has quickly become integral to the team. His attitude and work rate are exemplary, and he is a great ball winner, especially in the air.  A real battler and he never gives up, always to be found in the thick of the action. All he needs is occasionally to look up and to release early and he will be devastating but a superb start (17 Apps, 9/9 goals, 3 assists)