Table 04/05





The team has improved every season and this is our best finish. Probably the best defence in the division, if we ignore the fixtures with archrivals Hadley. Needed to score more goals in a few key matches and were really unlucky in a couple of games, otherwise would have been challenging for a top three position.  Overall a good season where the team have again shown great spirit. On their day they can beat any team in the division and proved this by being the only team to beat the division winners. The manager would like to thank the parents who have assisted us this season and supported the team, especially Karen Murtagh (kit washing), and Dick Siberry and Roger Figg on the line duty.

(Brackets: Appearances and Goals for the season and total for club up to 10th April)

Carl Biggs Forward.  Likes nothing better than to poach a goal from around the 6-yard box and has created 4 this season.  Enthusiastic team player who could still use a little more red meat in his diet on occasion but has improved considerably! (20/84 Apps, 7/28 goals)

Jamie Heaffey Centre Back - Vice Captain.  His pace and solid tackling has thwarted many attacks.  Quick to cover both sides ensuring West are rarely caught out. Difficult to stop when breaking from defence and will create the odd goal, 5 this season.  Could do with two feet! (24/95 Apps, 1/3 goals)

Luke Jeffery All positions – A quick and versatile player who can put in some excellent challenges and passes. Definitely Mr Hyde and occasionally we need to see a bit more Dr Jekyll. (16/63 Apps, 1/6 goals)

Charlie Rainsford Left Mid – One of the team’s stalwarts and contender for goal of the season. A positive and enthusiastic player with good tactical awareness, who shows great determination and effort. (16/79 Apps, 1/6 goals)

Elliott Jay Defender – A versatile player who can play on both sides of the pitch and occasionally in the mid-field when called upon. Works really hard and never complains an excellent example to his team-mates. (20/72 Apps, 1/1 goal)

Joe Murtagh Right Back – Quiet like his mum! But has gone from strength to strength.  Tenacious and difficult to get round he can be relied on to make important tackles and regularly supply some incisive through balls. (22/86 Apps, 1/3 goals)

Matthew Peckham Right Midfield – A very skilful and unselfish player with excellent pace and distribution ability.  Constantly provides excellent service for the forwards and has created 7 goals this season.  Holds the ball and links up well. A great keeper when called upon to step in. Just can’t shut him up! (24/73 Apps, 2/5 goals)

Tom Weaver Centre Midfield – Has shown a big improvement this season in attitude and therefore value to the team.  Can now be a positive influence when behind.  Always one of the more skilful players, but now an integral part of the midfield.  A ball winner who links well with the other players and is often at the start of many goal scoring opportunities, 4 assists this season. Must on occasion chase back and win a lost ball and must remember you can head the ball! (20/59 Apps, 2/13 goals)

Stuart Cole Left Back – Also a good midfielder with a natural left foot.  Has really developed this season and has a great attitude and work rate and never gives up.  Stuart is really difficult to beat and is not afraid to use his head unlike some!  With excellent passing skills he regularly turns a defensive situation to our advantage (19/56 Apps, 3/6 goals)

TJ Ansell Left Midfield – Another natural left foot.  Can really hit a ball and if you can get past him watch out for the tackle from behind! Works hard but must remember to deliver the cross at the end of his run! (12/41 Apps, 0/2 goals)

Jack Siberry Midfield/Forward – One of the most enthusiastic team members and never complains. Always gives his best and is very unselfish attempting to create opportunities for his team-mates. A great example to the team and always turns up to support the team even when he is not playing. (19/53 Apps, 1/6 goals)

Jon Mallaburn Forward – Still the quietest and most modest member of the team! Retains his position as leading goalscorer with some great finishing especially in one on one situations with the keeper. Great to see him this season assist in 6 as well.  Jon’s best football comes when he stops trying to take on everyone and passes the ball early. Tried hard to get our first red card! His chat up lines are legendary! (18/52 Apps, 21/43 goals)

Charlie Craigen Centre Back – Captain – a real rock in defence with great pace and work rate and superb tackling especially when chasing back.  Always keen to push forward and looks dangerous at corners but must make sure he gets back.  Need to get him to pick your lottery numbers as he won the toss 13 times on the trot! (26/48 Apps, 2/5 goals) 

Ryan Rickard Left Midfield – Tremendous attitude and work rate combined with excellent skill and he never gives up.  Ryan is a great reader of the game and will always be looking for the telling pass and through ball and has a great finish as well.  A real team player and great example to the rest (20/41 Apps, 5/12 goals)

Myles Smith Defender – Can play anywhere across the back. Some great on the ball skills, but not in the box please!  Always difficult to beat and a real asset to the defence, covering well when the team push forward. Always supportive of his teammates and excellent attitude. (18/43 Apps)

Scott Howlett Right Midfield/Forward  - A real whippet up the wing and a great crosser of the ball, there are few defenders that can catch him.  Always links up well and a real team player assisting in 5 goals this season.  Has a great finish as well but don’t talk about the penalty!  (23/97 Apps, 10/27 goals).

Joe Maliszewski Goalkeeper – Joined the club half way through the season and has settled in well. Has great reactions and has been brave from the start throwing himself in the way to make some important stops. His experience and confidence has grown even in a short period and he is reading the game better and is quicker off his line. A great start (12 Apps)

George Figg Central Midfield – Joined early in the season from East and has proved to be a real asset to the team.  Always in the thick of the action, a great ball winner and superb with a dead ball.  His distribution is excellent and he is real team player, assisting in 10 goals.  His work rate is exemplary and he is a great organiser and motivator. Voted player of the season. (17/77 Apps, 2/6 goals).

Cole Beels-Ejjayha  Forward – Joined from South in December and average 2 a game since. Great skill and pace and he has scored some exceptional goals. A huge asset to the team but does not believe in keeping it simple! (15/70 Apps, 17/75 goals)