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Football Manager 2008 (PC)


The most addictive computer game ever is back, but is the new
2008 version any different, or any better, than previous versions?
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Gameplay: 90%
If you’ve previously played Football Manager (FM), or Championship Manager (its previous title) you will know what to expect. For those who haven’t, you take charge of a football team and try to take it to glory by controlling pretty much everything from training and match tactics, through to all the transfers in and out (see the FM ’07 review for more detail).

FM has never been, and never will be, a simple game to pick up and succeed. If you’re the type of person who enjoys football life with games such as the FIFA series, FM will come as a surprise. It’s not a joke when others describe it as football with a spreadsheet, as the complexity of running your club, especially with a lower league team, is far from easy.

This new 2008 version provides all the new team changes for the 07/08 season, so in the new database Henry has gone to Barcelona, while Torres is at Liverpool. In terms of gameplay, there is little change from FM ’07. There is a new skin and interface, which while doing the same as previous versions, doesn’t seem to be as easy to use.

There are a few good new features, such as being able to alter your club boards expectations for the season. Lower their expectations and their will lower your budget for transfers and wages, but raise their expectations, such as promising them promotion, and you will have more money to play with. Fail with optimistic promises you give your board however, and you’re more likely to get the sack!

Graphics: 60%
Graphics have never been the main selling point behind the FM series. The 2D match engine is still very good though, and while it would be great to see your players and tactics carried out in 3D, the lack of it at the moment doesn’t hinder the game.

Sound: 50%
There are crowd noises during the matches but they’re not that great, however they don’t need to be. This game could have zero sound and it wouldn’t matter as it doesn’t really add to the atmosphere of match days much.

Value: 97%
Get sucked into this game and you won’t know where your day/weekend/week etc went. Football Manager remains the
most absorbing and addictive computer game ever!

The Football Manager series of games remains one of the best of all time, and FM ’08 is no different. You will easy loose hundreds of hours trying to turn whatever team you manage into the biggest and the best. FM ’08 doesn’t offer a great change from previous versions though, and so if you’re still enjoying FM ’07 then I’d recommend you stick with it unless you really need to have the latest player database update.

You can read how some of us are doing with our teams on the Forum in “FM Stories”.

Overall Score: 90% (not an average)