Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3)


This great first person shooter is one of the launch games for PS3, and
challenges Halo (XBOX 360) and Half-Life (PC) as the best shooter available
for all the more recent consoles. It’s online feature also makes it a lot
better than the equivalent PS2 games.

Gameplay: 94%
This game is absolutely amazing. It is set in the mid 20th century, and the story of the game is that you are a lone American soldier called Nathan Hail, and you are trying to save England from the attack from the Chimera. The Chimera is an alien virus that Russia created to try and takeover Europe. The virus was kept in beetles, and when they launched the attack towards Europe they let the beetles loose, and these carriers took their victims to a Chimera conversion centre where they were transformed into Hybrids, which were twenty times more aggressive than a normal human being. Nobody saw it coming, and in a matter of weeks the whole of Europe had been taken over by the deadly virus. England thought that they were safe, but they were wrong!

The chimera Hybrids got to England, who were prepared for an attack, and despite defending the country as best as they could, the English soon needed America to come to their aid.

At first Hail arrived in York, where his unit tried to fight off the attack from the Chimeran army. Unfortunately the beetles had infected the whole of York with the virus. In addition, Hail’s command unit were infected with the virus, and up to that moment nobody had regained consciousness after being infected with the Chimeran virus. Hail did though, and soon he was known across England because he survived the attack, however he showed some Chimeran Hybrids traits; his eyes started to turn golden colour, the same as the Chimeran Hybrids, and later on in the game he has a slight healing ability, the same as the Hybrids.

After that they travel to Manchester, Brighton, Nottingham, Bracknell, Cheshire, Somerset, Cardiff and London (the Thames and the Underground). I won’t say any more about the story as I don’t want to ruin it for you.

As for the gameplay itself, as you progress though the levels you get better weapons, while the enemy AI is pretty good and challenging.

Graphics: 81%
The graphics in this great game aren’t so great after all, and the visuals are definitely not as good as I was expecting from a PS3 launch title. The Chimera aliens do look very real; it’s just the scenery that lets the game down a little. This might be partly because I’m playing it on an older TV, and so on a modern flat screen HD telly it should be better.

Sound: 90%
I like the sound in this game, as the music is good and spot on for the war style environment you’re playing in. There are lots of different guns which have their own unique sound, while the Chimeran weapons all sound different so you can sometimes tell what you’re about to fight next.  

Online: Yes
This is the best thing about PS3 and it’s absolutely free! This game is definitely a very good game online, and I think am pretty good, especially considering lots of adults probably play.

The online mode features various sized maps taken from areas in the campaign game, and the six different game types include ‘deathmatch’, ‘capture the flag’, ‘base assault’ and ‘last man standing’ modes.

You can either play a ranked match or a custom match, and a ranked match is where you are battling to increase your rank (currently I am a Sergeant Major). You can also have a clan, and I created my own clan with four other people, a friend called James and three other people who I met online and have since joined my clan. My clan is called UK Chimera, and my online name is (UKC)chilli101, so if you want to join just send me a message telling me who you are, and I will let you join.

Value: 96%
This game lasts a long time, especially with the online gameplay. There are thirty levels in the campaign, and once you finish it you unlock new weapons which means you have a good reason to play it again. There is also a story co-op mode, however it is the excellent online side to the game that means you will be playing it for quite a long time.

This PS3 launch game is superb. The campaign story is enjoyable, while the online mode is great. Ghost Recon is due out soon, and it will take a very good shooter to beat the score Resistance gets.

Overall Score: 90%