Assassins Creed (PS3)


This game is based a long time ago. It is set in 1191 during the third
crusade, where you are an assassin in the Holy Lands. It was hyped
up a lot before its release, but does it impress?

Gameplay: 86%
This game is really enjoyable, and combines both stealth and action, while the story line is good because it has lots of little twists which Iím not going to give away here. The majority of the story is set in three cities in the Holy land; Acre, Damascus and Jerusalem, and you play a character called Altair who has to assassinate certain key public figures based upon his masterís orders. You donít get told exactly where to find your targets, and so you must follow various leads, listen in on secret conversations, follow people, pickpocket them, and on occasions beat information out of them! The early missions are fairly easy, but soon get harder once the city guards start to recognize you.

Altairís four weapons are his fists, a hidden blade, a sword and throwing knives. My favourite weapons are the throwing knives because you can kill a target from a long distance away, and so donít have to get up too close where you put yourself in more danger.

The cities are really detailed and open. You can move about virtually anywhere, through the streets and market places, climbing up buildings and running across rooftops, and this helps to make the game more fun.

Unfortunately this game seriously lacks a good ending, as just as you think you are getting to the bottom of the story, it ends. You discover most of the games secrets, and then it ends, right when you are in the middle of finding out everything. Despite the letdown at the end, the game is enjoyable, and so I hope there is a sequel.


Graphics: 97%
Very impressive graphics here, in fact probably the best graphics for a PS3 game Iíve seen. A huge amount of detail has been put into the cities, and they definitely donít disappoint. At street level there are hundreds or people wandering around and the building detail is superb, while the views from the rooftops across the cities are excellent.

Sound: 90%
Even though there is not much to say about the sound, itís still great. All weapons sound different while the voice acting and the city background sounds are good.

Online: No


Value: 75%
The main problem with this game is that itís not very long lasting. After you complete the game you are so angry with the ending that you donít want to turn it on again. Aside from the main storyline you can collect flags from various locations across the game world, but I didnít really enjoy that part of the game.


Ubisoft have produced an excellent game, and there is little wrong with it. Unfortunately the one key problem is a fairly big problem. The general gameplay and storyline are good, and the graphics are superb, itís just that the game is over a little too quickly and has a confusing ending.

Overall Score: 87%