Star Wars Battlefront (PS2)


This Star Wars game is as popular as the other recent Star Wars game, Lego Star Wars, but it is a very different game altogether.

Gameplay: 90%
In Battlefront you can play many of the different characters from the Star Wars films. Your character will come from one of the four different sides, which are: Rebels, Separatists (Droids), the Republic and the Empire. Within those sides, each team has a trooper, a sniper, a missile expert and a pilot (who can repair droids or ships) while each side also has a special unit. The Republic has a jet trooper, the Droids have a droideka, the Empire has a dark trooper and the Rebels have the Wookie.

The classic Star Wars maps and locations are all here, and once you have chosen your map and character you begin battle. The aim of all the battles is to capture the enemy’s command post with your computer controlled team mates. These command posts will be defended my plenty of enemy troops, and are hard to capture. The gameplay is excellent because of its addictiveness. Each battle can last from 10-30 minutes, and once you have won you can’t wait to start another.

Graphics: 84%
The graphics are okay, but could be a lot better. The colouring can be a bit weird at times… have you ever seen green snow? There are also some occasional graphical glitches where you can walk through walls. One rare glitch is when you go underground when you are not supposed to. Although you are supposed to be on ground level, your character appears to be below ground and the effect of this is odd.

Sound: 81%
The sounds are good overall. During battles, everyone on your team can give out various different commands. The voices are very lifelike for all the different characters, while the weapon sounds during the battles are very good.

Value: 87%
There are three games modes to choose from. Historical campaign (following the film story lines), Galactic conquest (choose your own locations) and Instant action (free mode). This gives the game long lasting appeal, while you can also do everything on 2-player that you can do on single player.


This was certainly the best Star Wars game ever until Lego Star Wars came out to challenge it. Both games are great though, and there’s very little between them. Regardless of the competition however, this game is excellent.

Overall Score: 86%