Smackdown vs Raw 2006


This wrestling game is part of the WWE Range of games that they bring out every year. The previous have been the original ‘Smackdown vs. Raw’, ‘Shut Your Mouth’ and ‘Just Bring It’, but this year’s version is a lot more than just an annual update.

Gameplay: 93%
The game has taken most of what was good in the original Smackdown vs. Raw and improved on it. The different modes are pretty much the same as before, with Season mode where your character plays out different storylines, Exhibition mode where you can just fight any battle at any time, and even a Manager mode where you have to employ wrestlers (called Superstars in the game) and organize the fixtures and finances.

The gameplay is very realistic with loads of different Wrestlers moves. When you are fighting there are many move combinations from standing, crouching, from behind standing, from behind crouching, floor upper body and floor lower body. Overall each superstar can do around 36 moves altogether.

New to this version of the game is a system that tracks your wrestler's stamina in a match. Their stamina can go down a number of ways, but they are mostly through doing big moves yourself, or when your opponent fights you with some big moves. This makes the fights a lot more realistic, as you have to be clever and switch between weaker and stronger moves at the right time or your stamina will fall too much, possibly costing you a fight.

Graphics: 91%
The graphics of the Superstars are amazing with all the hi-tech lifelike visuals such as realistic facial animations, while the outfits they wear are really detailed. While in a battle the graphics are very good and also lifelike, and the cut scenes that occur all through the game are also done well.

Sound: 84%
The sound is much better than in the original ‘Smackdown vs. Raw’ game. The Superstars voices are very good, and although the commentary is better this year, it still repeats itself too often which is why the sound score is not as high as it could be.


Value: 90%
The value of the game is impressive as with all the different modes available you will have loads to keep you interested and busy for hours.

Without doubt this wrestling game is easily better than any of the other PS2 wrestling games out. Although there are some area’s it could be improved on, the minor problems don’t spoil the game as a whole. This 2006 version of the game is a great buy, and if it turns out to be the last version they make for the PS2, then it will have gone out on a high.

Overall Score: 90%