Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (PS2)


This new version of the Pro Evo series has a lot to live up to given the
quality of Pro Evo 4, and the recent release of FIFA 06.

Gameplay: 98%
The gameplay is fantastic and very realistic, and demands your full attention. As with Pro Evo 4, you take control of a team and play the matches, as well as buying and selling players as the player/manager (in the Master League mode). As previously, there are the various different game modes: Practice/Training, which as always is really helpful when you are a beginner; Match mode, which is an exhibition game where you can be any team in any stadium; League mode, when you want to play a quick season where there is no transfer market, and is fairly easy; and Master League, where you pick your team and starting division, and try and make your way to the top (this includes player transfers and playing in European competitions). Finally there is a Cup mode in which you can compete as a club or country in international tournaments.

Playing matches is superb because of the realistic passing and shooting, while crossing and heading, which were only average in Pro Evo 4, have now improved dramatically. The goalkeepers have also improved as they used to make too many mistakes, but now you can rely on your computerized keeper much more, especially in one-on-ones. The game is also strangely realistic with regard to the referees, because they make a lot of bad decisions (as in real life!!).

Graphics: 90%
Little has changed in regard to the graphics in comparison with Pro Evo 4. The players passing and movement is good, while their faces are very realistic. The stadiums and crowds are okay, but nothing special.

Sound: 79%
Unfortunately Konami have been unable (again!) to improve the commentary. Yet again, it is poor as it is too simplified and repetitive, but they have been able to update the background music which is why the sound score has risen in comparison with Pro Evo 4.

Value: 92%
The lifespan of the game remains very good, as the Master League mode will keep you entertained to the limit. The only continued complaint is that most of the Premiership teams are still not licensed, so you still have Man Red and Man Blue for Manchester United and City. The only fully licensed leagues are Italy, Holland and Spain, while the only licensed Premiership teams are Arsenal and Chelsea.

Pro Evo 5 has improved a lot from the previous version as some of the match gameplay issues such as crossing and heading are so much better. The Pro Evo series continues to be great fun, and despite the continued sound issues, is well worth playing.

Overall Score: 90%