Lego Star Wars II




Lego Star Wars (PS2)


There have been plenty of Star Wars games already made for Playstation, but this is the first one where the characters are made of Lego! It is an action/adventure type of game like most of them, based on Episodes I, II and III of the Star Wars films, only there is added fun because everything is made of Lego.

Gameplay: 90%
The idea behind the game is to take part in the heroic battles from the three films. You start as Qui-Gon Jinn on the Trade federation battle station in Episode I, where you have to fight your way off the station. Each individual battle involves many characters from the films, from heroes like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windo, through to the dark side with Darth Maul (Episode I) and the four lightsabered General Grievous from the most recent film.

You have a choice of two modes to play, story mode where you follow the epic story for each film, or free play mode where success in each battle gives you coins to buy and unlock other characters. Each battle is its own level and to advance to new levels in the free play mode you must have completed that level in the story mode first.

The game is fun, with three difficulty choices from easy which will help the beginner, through to hard which will challenge the master.

Graphics: 85%
The graphics are brilliant considering everything in the game from the characters to the environment is made of Lego. As a result, when you kill another character or use ‘the force’ to move objects or damage the environment around you, everything breaks into pieces like real Lego would. Overall these Lego pieces are small, smart and stylish.

Sound: 81%
The best sounds in the game are when you use your lightsaber or your guns. On the whole though, the sound is okay, but nothing special.

Value: 84%
There are 18 levels; including 1 final special level you come to when you have completed all the levels in the game (you will have to find out what it is for yourself, but its well worth finishing the game in order to reach the grand finale). Despite the 18 levels and free play mode, the game could still offer more to the player, as its lifespan is a bit limited.

Lego Star Wars is a top class game, and really fun to play, but is a little too short for my liking. If there had been more levels overall, and possibly more difficulty levels (easy is too easy, hard is too hard) the score would have been higher.

Overall Score: 85%