Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 (PS2)


This is the latest in the line of Tiger Woods PGA Tour games on PS2. The previous 2004 version was a great game, but this new golfing sim looks to be the best yet. Let’s find out.

Gameplay: 95%
This new golfing game lets you explore the world’s greatest courses, and allows you to play in traditional modes from practice through to challenging the all time golfing legends in the new ‘My Legends Pursuit’ mode. Playing a good round can be difficult to start with as in your early matches your player has low stats. Once you improve with practice however, you can take on the likes of Jack Nicklaus in the worlds top tournaments. This is achieved by using your prize winnings to improve your golfer by buying better equipment and higher stats.

Graphics: 90%
The graphics in this game are so good it is like being on a real golf course. All the different courses are very detailed, while the golfer’s faces are very realistic.

Sound: 79%
The sound isn’t too bad, but think about it, this is only a golf game.

Value: 98%
This game is very addictive, as it’s almost impossible to stop when you get into it. The real time calendar (which allows you to follow the actual golfing calendar used by the top golfers of today like Tiger Woods) means you can also play the actual tour events that the pros are playing in 2005.

This golf game has been short listed for 'game of the year' in some PS2 magazines. This gives you some idea as to how good it is. Although sometimes it can be hard and occasionally frustrating when you start with your new golfer, it pays to continue as this is one of the best games ever.

Overall Score: 91%