Cars (PS2)


This game came out as a tie in to the Pixar film, and so if you like
driving games and loved the film, you may enjoy this game.
It may not be perfect for everyone though.

Gameplay: 83%
If youíve seen the film, a lot of the game will be instantly recognizable to you. The cars have eyes and can talk, so they have the same great personalities as they do in the film.

As with most games like these, you have a Story Mode, and there are two versions here (a larger one and a shorter one). Both are essentially the same except for the length, as you take Lightning McQueen to the Piston Cup by winning races. There are more than 10 playable characters and 30 races and mini games to choose from. The mini games such as tractor tipping and pit stop changes are enjoyable, and make a change from just competing in races and driving around Radiator Springs.

There is also an Arcade Mode, where you can play any of the road races, Piston Cup races and mini games that you have unlocked in the Story Mode.

The racing is no where near as complex as it is in other driving games such as TOCA or the Colin McRae games, but that means the younger kids who enjoyed the film will be able to drive the cars fairly easily. Not only are the cars easy to handle, but the opposition make it pretty easy for you to win too.

Graphics: 80%
The car graphics are good, and this means the cars have the same charismatic personalities as they do in the film, while Radiator Springs is exactly the same as it is in the film.


Sound: 80%
The best part is that theyíve got the voices and music from the film, with actors such as Owen Wilson and Paul Newman repeating their roles. This means the voices and cut scenes are good, but as a driving game the overall sound effects are a bit limited.


Value: 85%
This is where the game is either great, or not really suited to you. Teenagers and adults probably wonít find enough in the game to keep them coming back for more, but if youíre under 10 you will have hours of fun as thatís really the target audience of the film and game.

A really fun game for kids, especially if they loved the film. For everyone else, itís fun for a while, but doesnít have the depth of other driving games, and so unless youíre a fan of the film it may be one to avoid.

Overall Score: 82%