James Bond - From Russia with Love (PS2)


This James Bond game is taken from the film “From Russia With Love,” and
is easily the best Bond game yet.

Gameplay: 88%
The game has the best missions to solve as there are around twenty levels to conquer, most of which are based on scenes from the actual film. The gameplay is hard but no game is fun without a challenge. In the missions you can drive in classic cars, speedboats and other vehicles, as well as fly with jetpacks. You can also customize your Bond character with weapons and gadgets such as a laser watch and sonic cufflinks. The levels go from dark mazes to underground sewers, most of which you can see if you watch the film again. Unfortunately this game’s multiplayer mode is not very good which is a shame.


Graphics: 94%
The graphics of this game are so real it looks like you are watching a film in the cinema, but instead of watching your playing. When you are playing the game the graphics are top quality with great explosion effects, while Sean Connery really looks real.


Sound: 92%
I know sound isn’t the most important feature of a game but that doesn’t mean to say the producers can’t make it good. The producers of this game must have thought that sound was a key issue because they have made a real effort to make the sound good. The sounds in this game are amazing in every aspect with the music, gun sounds, voices and vehicle noises, but the best part of the sound is Sean Connery’s voice.


Value: 81%
The game has loads of different levels and objectives to play, and lots of things to unlock which mean you get lots of single-player fun out of this game. Unfortunately due to the weak multiplayer games the score falls a little.


This bond game is amazing and has great gameplay. Its overall score is very high as there are so many fun missions to do, but it would have been in the 90’s if the multiplayer mode had been better.

Overall Score: 89%