24: The Game (PS2)


This tactical shooter is based on the excellent TV
series Ď24í and the PS2 game is just as good.

Gameplay: 85%
For those not familiar with the TV series, you play a character in the game called Jack Bauer who is a CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) agent. I donít want to ruin the storyline for you by saying too much, but it follows a similar pattern as the TV series, with terrorists, bombs, attempts to kill the President, and plenty of twists and turns.

What is fun about the game is that there are a lot of different mission types. You get stealth missions, driving ones, sniper ones, and you can also be on foot following someone. Theyíre not all great though, as the driving missions arenít that good, while the artificial intelligence for some of the terrorists is a bit poor at times. The storyline is excellent though, and is always moving quickly, even in some of the stealth missions.

There are also loads of mini games you can play which are tied into the story. Some are simple logic based puzzles which are not that great, but the best is an interrogation one where Jack has to use his Ďcharmí to get the person being interrogated to cooperate. This person has a stress meter and you have to raise and lower it by being aggressive or calm. You only have a limited time though to find the correct stress level that makes the guy talk.


What I also like about the gameplay is that they havenít gone for the regular analogue stick controls. They still use the analogue sticks but in a different way, I hate it when games always have the same controls, but in shooters they should change it a bit, and they have done well here.


Graphics: 80%
The graphics are relatively good, with the characters being the best part as they all look realistic. The only really bad thing is the outside world when driving as itís not very good, but that is all that is a let down. You also get split screen update bits which show the different things happening in the story all at the same time, just like in the TV series.

Sound: 95%
The sound sometimes lets down a lot of games, but definitely not here. The sound is very realistic and that is partly because they have got the real actors to do some of the voices. Therefore, if you are a fan of the actual TV series it makes the game much more appealing, while the music is also good, and adds to the tension.


Value: 85%
As there are loads of different levels, I think that the game lasts a very long time. Once you have completed it though Iím not sure whether it has too much replay value.

This shooter based on the TV show is definitely a good game for the PS2. The storyline is great, as is the presentation, but the gameplay is not always as good, and at times they seem to be trying to fit too much into the game. Hopefully they will improve some of the weak points though and bring out a sequel on the PS3. To really enjoy this game though you need to be a fan of the TV series, otherwise you may not find it as fun.

Overall Score: 86%