Star Wars Battlefront vs Battlefront II


In this ‘head to head’ we are comparing two great Star Wars games.
Both games are very good but was the sequel similar, or a lot better?

Gameplay: I - 90%, II – 93%

The gameplay in both games is very good and there is little between the two overall. In both you can play as many of the different Star Wars characters in various different game modes from longer story based play, through the ‘Galactic Conquest’, to shorter instant action games. The main difference here is that in Battlefront II you can play as Jedi warrior characters such as Yoda and Luke Skywalker, whereas in the original game you were limited to more general character types such as Storm Troopers.

The maps you can play on are slightly different for the two games, and the only criticism here is that Battlefront II doesn’t include Bespin, which was most people’s favourite map in Battlefront I. By far the biggest change though is the space battles, as there wasn’t anything like this in the first game. They really are out of this world, and you will never get bored of them.

Overall, Battlefront II is slightly better than the original game as the story mode is better, while the Galactic Conquest has been improved. The introduction of the Jedi characters and the space battles also helps give Battlefront II the better Gameplay score.

Graphics: I - 84%, II – 90%

There has been a big improvement to the graphics in Battlefront II, and they have managed to keep it all 3D compared with Battlefront I, where some of the graphics look a bit 2D. The weird glitches seen at times in the first game have also been removed which has made things better, plus the space battles are incredible.

Sound: I - 81%, II – 92%

The voice commands in Battlefront II are even better than before because in the first game the support characters shouted out random stuff, but in the new game they actually help you by telling you that you’re being shot at, or maybe a grenade has been thrown at you. This is also a big help in the space battles as other characters on your side can tell you when an enemy is closing in behind you.

Value: I - 87%, II – 91%

Both games are long lasting, but the extended campaign, the space battles, and the highly detailed Galactic Conquest’s in Battlefront II make it the better game.


When it came out, the original Battlefront was the greatest shooter in its time, but as you would expect from a sequel, Battlefront II has improved in every area to give it the higher score.

Overall Score:  Battlefront I - 86%,  Battlefront II – 92%