FIFA Street 2 (PS2)


In FIFA Street 2 you control a team of four players and play matches on a smaller ‘street’ pitch, and this different change to football will work very well with most people with its variety of gameplay.

Gameplay: 92%
FIFA Street 2 is an amazing attempt at a new game style. The point of the game is to be the best trick-master on the pitch, and to beat your opponent not just by scoring goals, but also by doing other things like tricks and ball juggling. The teams can be made up of both fictional street players and famous players from around the world.


When you first start the game you have to create a player for yourself, and you can edit a lot of the details like his face and clothing, plus his football skills where you have points to ‘spend’ on skills like speed, shooting or tricks skills.

The main game mode is ‘Rule the Street’, and the idea is to win matches not just by scoring more goals, but also by doing more tricks, which allows you to win 'skill bills' to spend on anything you like including player stats, clothing or footwear. The teams are 4-a-side, and apart from the keeper there are no set positions. There are many different tricks to perform in the game (around 50), plus about 20 individual tricks for superstar players e.g. Henry, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldinho.

You begin your career playing kick about games with random players, but as your player rating improves you become captain and can start to pick from the list of more famous players, and this is when the game gets more exciting.


Graphics: 90%
In FIFA Street 2 I think that the graphics are one of the best parts of the game, as some of the players look very realistic especially the Brazilian players and the French players. The ‘street’ pitches are also very good, and make a good change from the usual grass pitches in football games.


Sound: 87%
There isn’t really much in the game, but the sound effects are quite good. There are also three different radio stations in the game, and they mix between Jamaican music, pop and rap, and as a bonus you can put all your favourite songs into one created station.

Value: 86%
The main ‘Rule the Street’ mode is not as long as I would like, but with the added skills challenge it does test your ability to the limit. There’s also a friendly mode where you can play which-ever country, which-ever team with which-ever players and which-ever type of match. The different match types include the first to 5 goals, first to be 3 goals ahead, first to reach fifty thousand trick points, or just the most goals at the end of the match.  With different difficulty levels and loads of players, locations, trick and clothing to unlock, there is quite a lot of the game to get through, however because the overall the ‘Rule the Street’ game is a little on the short side this lowers the score a bit.

This new footie style 'skill' game is a great change, and I think many people will get lots of enjoyment from this game, either playing solo, or with friends.

Overall Score: 89%