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Some of you know us and each other, but not everyone playing the Predictor
game. So some of the names in the tables or in the 'Hall of Fame' are not
complete strangers, here is a guide to all present and past Predictor players.


Tom used to work with Cossie and Jim (and Anita years ago), and he joined us for the 07/08 FA Cup competition. He is a big music and football fan, with Crystal Palace being his team. He is a season ticket holder there, and his all time Palace hero is Ian Wright. Tom appears on the Forum under the name of 'Major Tom'.

Chris S:
Chris joined us for the 07/08 season, and is an old friend of Cossie. As a member of the Flaky 4, he has gone to various gigs with the rest of the Flaky crew, and when he is not injured, the mosh pit is one of Chris' favourite locations! He is a Leeds fan, while is all time Elland Road hero is Peter Lorimer. His favourite pastime is, he says, abstinence, and he appears on the Forum under the name 'Mr Benn'.

Simon W:
Simon is another Leeds fan who a few of us have got to know through Dom. He is a keen runner, and is the spring of 2007 completed the Marathon des Sables - a 250km run through the Sahara Desert!!  He is also a member of our Forum under the name 'swcoach', and you can read about his 2007 MdS run here.

Cossie and I used to work together in London, but Arsenal or Chelsea he is not, it's only the mighty Leeds for him, with Billy Bremner being his all time Leeds hero. Cossie is a also a huge music fan, and goes to live gigs regularly (see the 'Gig Review' thread on the forum), however I've a feeling he will be the only one here who also lists Czechoslovakian basket weaving as a major interest! He appears on the Forum under the name 'Cossie (LUFC)'.

For a Manchester United fan he's not a bad bloke. Jim and Dom went to school with him, and so we've known him for rather a long time now! He was a good footballer in his day (as was Dom), but sticks to more leisurely pursuits now like golf and fishing. Paul says his favourite player of recent times is "the lad Roooooney".

Another friend that goes all the way back to school in Hemel many years ago. A very keen Leeds fan who said his favourite player was David Healy. On the forum, Dom goes by the name of 'Leeds and Proud', and he was the key author of the classic 'Owen Hargreaves World Cup blog'.

Sam 'the man':
Young Sam was only 5 at the start of our very first Predictor season. I'm therefore guessing that his Dad was helping him a little with the scores back then, but either way, the fact that Leeds are his team and David Healy his favourite player, suggest that Dom has brain washed him. Despite his youth, Sam won the 2006 World Cup and Euro 2008 competitions! Sam's name on the Forum is, unsurprisingly, 'Sam the Man'.

Jim C:
I support, er, Liverpool, and given that a number of us support northern sides without ever living there (Paul + Dom) means you can't give me too much abuse. Steven Gerrard is my favourite player of recent times, with Kenny Dalglish my all time hero.
As may be obvious, I am 'mr cambo' on the Forum.

William is one of our more youthful players, and joined us for the first time for our
Euro 08 competition. He says he supports Arsenal, Watford, Wycombe, England and Liverpool, but he says he only supports Liverpool "a little bit, not much". William can be found on the forum as 'Shrek Junior'.

Our youngest player joined for the 09/10 season, and loves to predict high scoring matches. His loyalties are split between Liverpool and Arsenal for family reasons, although he once said he supported Egypt!

George was one of our more youthful predictor players and is a keen sportsman
who plays football, cricket and other sports regularly. I've played cricket with him
and Paul in the park and he's pretty good.

Dave J:
When Charlie and Elliott played for the same team, Elliott's Dad was usually one of the parents standing with me on the touchline in the middle of winter, with wind and snow blowing around us watching the kids play football. His live football also takes in Watford, where in the past he and Elliott have had a season ticket.

Toby is Paul's son, and he joined us for the 07/08 season. I'm guessing he has seen how poorly his Dad does and feel he needs to do something to raise the family's profile. Despite Paul being a Man Utd fan, Toby supports Arsenal.

Carl played for the St Albans West team that Elliott and Charlie used to play for. He was a very versatile attacking player who performs well either up front or on the wing.

Simon G:
Not many of us have put Newport County as our favourite team, which gives you an idea of where Simon comes from. He has joined in with a number of us though in naming David Healy as his favourite player of recent years.

Simon B:
Simon joined for our 06/07 season, and is Victoria G's brother. He was also our first 'overseas' player as he lives in Bangor in Northern Ireland. Unfortunately instead of supporting the best team across the water (Liverpool) he hooked onto Man Utd, and this was
borne out of a god like admiration of Norman Whiteside in the 1982 World Cup.

Elliott J:
Elliott met Charlie C at junior school and used to play for the same 'West' football side. Full back or wide midfield is where he plays at his best, where he is a good passer of the ball. His favourite team is Watford, and over the years he has gone to
a lot of games at Vicarage Road. You might also come across him on the older Forum threads where he went by the name of 'spazzy mcgee'.

You all know Charlie... a keen footballer who supports Arsenal. When he played for the St. Albans West youth side managed by Alan, it was his tackling and heading that stood out, plus he had great stamina which allowed him to run from box to box... even when he's playing centre back!

Mrs C also supports Arsenal, which means I'm a bit outnumbered in our house. Her favourite player remains Tony Woodcock, and she has never got over him leaving back in the 80's. In more recent times, Dennis (babe) Bergkamp was her favourite. She appears on the Forum as 'mrs cambo'.

Fav team - Newcastle. If both Gary and Paul end up getting married in the near future then they will then be related as their better halves are sisters. Despite supporting Newcastle, Gary showed his football skills when he won our first Premier League competition in the 05/06 season, and has since gone on to lead the Hall of Fame.

James B:
The eldest of the three Beedle brothers, James is at the same senior school as Charlie C, but a year below him. The Beedle family used to live a few doors down from us, so Charlie saw them a lot. He is a good lad, because he put down his favourite team as Liverpool, while his favourite player is Gerrard.

Chaz B:
The middle brother is Chaz, and he two years younger than James. Despite his youth, he had a great first season with his predictor scores, coming equal top in the kids only table. Chaz also played football for St. Albans City Youth and is a very good player. He is also a good lad because he has joined James in picking Liverpool and Gerrard has his favourites.

Matt B:
The youngest of the three is Matt, who is a year younger than Chaz. This doesn't seen to have hindered him seeing as he came equal top with Chaz in the first Predictor season. His footballing preferences are different to his brothers though, as he is a Chelsea fan.

Chris White:
Chris is at school with Charlie and played for the St. Albans Youth side that Charlie used to play for. His best role is in central midfield where his bulldog tenacity and strong tackling helps to break up a lot of opposition play, while his good passing skills help build attacking moves.

As with Chris, Ross is also at school with Charlie and played for the same St. Albans West side. He is versatile, but plays up front most of the time, and his goals and general play were one of the reasons the side had such a good 05/06 season.

Victoria G:
Simon and Victoria used to be our next door neighbours, but presumably found living next door to our kids too stressful. Victoria says she supports "whoever is wearing the tightest shorts", while being from Northern Ireland, her favourite player over the last few years is also David Healy.

Greg was another of the SAFC players joining in. He joined the club in 2006 having been tapped up (allegedly!) by the other players who go to the same school (so that included Charlie C, Chris and Ross). Greg played up front for the team, is a great link man, and has a superb goal scoring record.

Being the manager of the St. Albans Youth West side that some of our predictor entrants have played for, I expected Alan to know a lot about football. Unfortunately he supports QPR, and so that has to be questioned.

Alex is at school with Charlie C, Ross, Greg and Chris, and was also the goalkeeper for the SAFC West team. He joined their side in 2006 and despite having to compete for the no.1 jersey, made it his own with some consistent displays. Alex is a Newcastle fan.

Charlie R:
Along with Elliott, Charlie R went to junior school with Charlie C, and he used to play for the same St. Albans youth football team. His skills were best utilised in midfield where his passing and tackling contributed a lot. His overall awareness is also helped no doubt by regular visits to watch Arsenal, his favourite team. Charlie can also be found on the Forum under the name 'chazzy McGhee'.

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