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Competition Arrangements

Every week we will update the 'Scores' pages with the coming two weeks fixtures. Just click on the 'Scores 1' page, type your name, your pin number and your scores (just like Steven Gerrard's example below). When you have finished and you are happy with everything, just press the 'Submit' button. If at any stage you want to start again, click on the 'Reset' button and have another go.

Occasionally, some of us will want to send in a few weeks worth of scores. This may be because we are going to be away (on holiday for example). You can do this by clicking on 'Scores 2' from the links on the left, or from the confirmation screen that appears after you have submitted your first set of scores. You can then submit your scores for the following week so you don't miss out.


You get 1 point for predicting the right result, and 2 more if you get the exact score correct. Using the Aston Villa v Bolton example above, if Aston Villa do win (but not 2-1) you get 1 point, but if the result is 2-1 then you get another 2 points, making 3 in total. If you predict a score correctly and there were 4 or
more goals you get the same amount of points as there were goals.

Joker and Guest Game match points are slightly different.

Guest Games - You get 3 points for the right result, or double points for the exact score, i.e. 6 points, or more if it was a high scoring match.

Jokers - The points are the same as for guest games if you predict correctly, but...

If you played joker on home win and it is wrong - you lose 3 points

If you played joker on a draw and it is wrong - you lose 2 points

If you played joker on away win and it is wrong - you lose 1 point

Penalty for not selecting a joker game - you lose 2 points

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