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Chamakh            Jake    
Arsenal            Avatar
(suggested by Dom)


Andrew Buchan    Jake Shears   
        (actor)           (again!)        
(suggested by Mr C)

Dan       Duffy
(suggested by M. Benn)

  Milo               Robbie
      '24'            'Eastenders'
(suggested by Jim)

Chris                Boris
(suggested by Carl)

Mafia Boss         Spurs Boss
(suggested by Elliott)

Downing         Conley
(suggested by Sam)

   Sid Vicious     John Terry     

Neanderthal                    Craig

 Trisha                Ronaldinho 

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Can you spot the difference?

     Bez          John Bishop
(suggested by Jim)

Christian Bale       Gary Neville
(suggested by Tom)

 Paul (England)  Kele (Bloc Party)
(suggested by Dom)

 Jack              Cheeta
(suggested by Angelina)

Nosferatu            Earnshaw
(suggested by Ed)

Compo             Williams
(suggested by Jim)

Becchio            Zenden
(suggested by Mr C)

Tony                  Frank

The Masked Vigilante        Pires          

Worzel                Milan