B = Breakthrough Artist       R = Rising Star       * = transfer window addition



Noise is for Heroes
mr benn

Alison Goldfrapp
Jonny Buckland (Coldplay) *
Peter Salisbury (the Verve)
Abi Harding (The Zutons)
John Fratelli (The Fratellis) *
Adele B
Joe Lean (and the Jing Jang Jong) R
Luke Pritchard (Kooks) R

Matthew Bellamy (Muse)
Alex Kapranos (Franz F)


The Boy June
Major Tom

Lily Allen *
Nick Harvey (Nick Cave + Bad Seeds)
Phil Selway (Radiohead)
Martin Duffy (Primal Scream)
Paul Weller *
Duffy B
Sam D. (Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly) R
Katie White (Ting Tings) R

Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters)

Crazy Cat Lady

Amy Winehouse
Andy White (Kaiser Chiefs)
Alex Turner (Monkeys/Puppets) *
Matthew Bellamy (Muse)
Paul Garred (Kooks) *
Yannis (Foals) B
Roy Stride (Scouting for Girls) R
Phil Etheridge (The Twang) R

Jools Holland
Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys)

The Cubicles


Amy Winehouse
Andrew White (Kaiser Chiefs)
Dominic Howard (Muse)
Tom Clarke (The Enemy)
Jon Bon Jovi
The Chartists B
Roy Stride (Scouting for Girls) R
Oliver Main (Pigeon Detectives) R

The Trousers
Leeds and Proud

Madonna *
Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters)
Paul Weller *
Jack White
Sister Bliss (Faithless)
Adele B
Beth Rowley R
Tom Clarke (The Enemy) R

Sean Moore (Manics)

Chairman Meow
Mrs Cambo

Chris Martin (Coldplay) *
Johnny Borrell (Razorlight)
Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys)
Chris Wolstenholme (Muse)
Katie White (Ting Tings) *
Jack Penate B
Sam Duckworth (GCWCF) R
John Lawler (The Fratellis) R

Steven Kemp (Hard-Fi)
Jack Johnson

51st State
Cossie (LUFC)

Mike Skinner (The Streets)
Billy Joe Armstrong (Green Day/Foxboro) *
Mince (The Fratellis)
Thom Yorke (Radiohead)
Dave McCabe (The Zutons) *
The Courteeners B
Tom Clarke (The Enemy)  R
Matthew Murphy (The Wombats) R

Kele Okereke (Bloc Party)
Damon Albarn

Marzipan & the
Moaning Glitch

Mr Cambo

Matt Bowman (Pigeon Detectives) *
Mark Collins (The Charlatans) *
Dan Haggis (The Wombats)
Didz Hammond (Dirty Pretty Things)
Chris Martin (Coldplay)
Leon Blanchard (The Brightlights) B
Luke Pritchard (The Kooks) R
Liam Fray (The Courteeners) R

Sam Duckworth (GCWCF)
Alex Kapranos (Franz F)

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